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Leading Tone Productions offers all kinds of essential audio services for homegrown projects to full scale professional productions. Mastering, mixing, music transcription, audio for video, film score and full blown album productions are all offered at Leading Tone Productions. To see the rates for the type of service listed just visit the Rates page. For those of you who have larger projects you may want to contact us for a quote or inquire further about our rates and services.

Satisfied clients will agree that Leading Tone Productions provides a prompt and high quality service for even the most demanding needs.


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Mastering gives your audio or music the ability to compete in the world of commercially released material. Your recordings should sound as professional as they possibly can, whether you recorded it at home, or spent thousands of dollars a day at a recording facility.

We are offering the highest quality digital mastering available by combining the latest digital processing techniques with solid musical know-how. Mastering is not merely a set of pre-defined processes and standards, but an art form that is as important as the project being mastered. From restoration and analogue to digital transfers, to full albums and musical compilations.

Mixing [ Rates ]
Give your productions the care and attention they deserve by having them professionally mixed by Leading Tone Productions. Mixing is more than just mixing tracks together and hoping for the best, it is a process that requires the necessary skills, knowledge and most importantly, experience to allow for the best sounding and most suitable representation of your style of music or production.

Leading Tone Productions offers a complete digital mixing facility to accommodate anywhere from 4 to 120 tracks. We offer full compatibility and unlimited import and export options to suit your needs. Whether you recorded your tracks onto ADAT, DAT, analogue tape, CD, or Minidisc, or your projects were started in Digidesign's ProTools, Sonic Foundry's Acid, Emagic's Logic, MOTU's Digital Performer, Cakewalk's Sonar or Steinberg's Cubase/Nuendo, we can transfer your analogue or keep your digital projects fully digital. For quality reasons, all projects are mixed in Steinberg's Cubase SX and output onto any media format or file that you may require.

With a long list of high quality plug-ins, effects and outboard gear, Leading Tone Productions gives you the flexibility and creative control that you deserve.

Music Production [ Rates ]
Have your music fully produced by Leading Tone Productions. Start with pre-production and recording with a fine selection of instruments and microphones. Mix your tracks with our knowledge and expertise and your creative input and needs. You'll leave with a mastered copy of your music or production that is ready for duplication and manufacturing.

Having your music produced at Leading Tone Productions is a team-effort. We provide a safe, comfortable and non-rushed creative environment for you to explore production possibilities at your own desired pace. If you are considering a large project in the near future, please feel free to consult with us while trying to formulate your production plans.

Television and Film Score [ Rates ]
If it's scoring you need, Leading Tone Productions offers full television and film-scoring for any sized production. All styles of music and sound production for any film genre can be accommodated. Advertising production companies will appreciate our fast and highly creative services in rush situations.

From romance to action movies, to radio jingles and edgy Indie films, Leading Tone Productions is aware of and fully experienced with today's demanding score and sound effects needs.

Transcription [ Rates ]
By the page or by the truck-load, we offer the most accurate transcription services around, whether it's for a full orchestra or guitar tablature for budding guitarists. With great rates and per page or bulk fees you know where to get the best transcription service around.

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